Barbecued turkey and mushroom satays

I love turkey and I love mushrooms, but I’ve never really thought about pairing them together. One of my favourite things about working on Living Lou and recipe development is the challenge. It’s like being on an episode of Chopped and two of the “mystery basket” ingredients are turkey and mushrooms. This was the challenge when two of my favourites, Turkey Farmers of Canada and Mushrooms Canada teamed up for a summer grilling e-book. I developed two delicious recipes that I’ve been making all summer.

To get your long weekend kicked off(!) I’m bringing you the Turkey and Mushroom Satays. These are perfect because the mushroom satays offer a vegetarian option to an otherwise, often meat packed grilling menu.

To get this delicious recipe and 10 others created by some lovely and talented Canadian food bloggers, click on over to the Turkey Farmers of Canada Facebook page and the Mushrooms Canada Facebook page, be sure to “like” the pages to get access to the e-books!

Disclosure: I was compensated to develop two recipes for Mushroom Canada and Turkey Farmers of Canada. 

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